Unitlab On-Premises Solution for Your Business

Take the full functionality of our end-to-end annotation platform for your workspace

On-Premises Architecture

Step 1

AI models of Unitlab are a built-in feature, optimized well, and battle-tested with commercial APIs in terms of performance. Just run the docker image with minimal environmental configurations in your workspace. To make it secure, you can restrict any external access except your traffic.

Step 2

Just use a preconfigured backend of Unitlab, provided as a docker image, and scale it with your requirements for your in-house data annotation solution.

Step 3

Just get started labeling by a browser or Unitlab app with your preference. To protect your data, you can allow access to only your in-house labelers in your workspace.

Unitlab Annotate: On-Premises Architecture

On-Premises Features

Quick Installation

Install Unitlab’s on-premise solution in just a few clicks without complicated configurations. Our team is always ready to assist you.

Maximum performance

Benefit the highest level of performance with several built-in features. Maintain complete control, since resources aren’t shared with others.

Data security

Ensure your sensitive information is completely off-limits from any external attacks in our on-prem solution.

Full integration

Get the full functionality of Unitlab on your own servers or private cloud. Seamlessly integrate workflow and process management into the existing on-premise environment.

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