A Comprehensive Review: The 12 Best Image Annotation Tools of 2024
A Comprehensive Review: 12 Best Image Annotation Tools of 2024 Learn More

Collaborative and AI-Powered Data Annotation Platform

Accelerate your data annotation process by 15x faster with auto-annotation tools and improve quality through collaborative annotation.

How it works

Unitlab Annotate is an AI-driven collaborative data annotation platform, offering on-premises solutions and integrated labeling services. It automatically collects raw data and enables collaboration with human annotators to produce highly accurate labels for machine learning models. Unitlab Annotate is designed to optimize data annotation work efficiency, control annotation quality, and minimize costs.

Unitlab Annotate - How it Works (Desktop)Unitlab Annotate - How it Works (Mobile)

Segment Anything with Precision Using the SAM Model and Pretrained Models

Perfect-Pixel Segmentation for Anything with Precision: Use Unitlab Annotate's SAM Model (Segment Anything) and Domain-Specific Pretrained Models to Automatically and Accurately Annotate Various Images for Your Computer Vision Applications.

Smoothly Digitize Your Printed and Captured Images for Any OCR Task

Automatically annotate large-scale OCR data with AI assistants in seconds. Unitlab Annotate offers a range of OCR services such as Document OCR, Receipt OCR, Handwritten OCR and Education OCR with supporting 123 languages.

Confidently Annotate Anything with Pretrained Detection and Recognition Models

Instantly annotate any objects in seconds with Unitlab's AI assistants. We provide state-of-the-art pretrained object detection and recognition models to simplify annotation tasks for you. These models streamline and significantly enhance the efficiency of your data annotation processes.

Automated Annotation for Pose, Skeleton and Multi-Keypoint Detection Tasks

Experience precision and efficiency with our Automated Annotation system, expertly designed for Pose, Skeleton, and Multi-Keypoint Detection tasks. Unlock the full potential of your raw data and convert it into potential training datasets for your AI application.

Annotate Any Object's Polygon Precisely Using a Wide Range of Auto-Annotatation Tools  

Effortlessly annotate any object's polygon with precision using our built-in Auto-Annotate tools. Designed for accuracy and ease, these tools redefine the polygon annotation experience, ensuring meticulous results every time.

Automated Polyline Detection and Segmentation for Any Object 

Experience top-tier efficiency with our Automated Polyline Detection Models and Tools, perfect for any object. This advanced tool streamlines polyline identification and segmentation, significantly improving your data annotation process.

Performance Analytics

Don't miss any details of your team's activities, including project statistics, team statistics, data annotation insights, and more.

Stay continuously updated and informed about your team's performance in data annotation through real-time statistics. Keep track of every aspect to ensure precision in data annotation.

Unitlab Annotate: Project Analytics for Data Annotation Performance

AI Assistant

Let AI annotate data for you. Decide which part of the image you want to annotate, and let our AI assistant complete all tasks in seconds.

Enjoy using Batch Auto-Annotation, Segment Anything (SAM Model), Magic Touch Assistants, and other enhanced features on our data annotation platform. Utilize our AI assistant to boost your efficiency.

Team Collabaration

Maintain constant communication with your annotators. Stay informed about data annotation progress, and offer feedback and support to improve the annotation process.

If you find any inaccurate annotated data, leave a comment to let the annotator know. Correct the mistake as soon as you find it to improve your workflow and data quality.

Unitlab Annotate: Collaborative Data Annotation for Teams

Annotation Types

Complete various computer vision tasks at Unitlab Annotate using a wide range of data annotation types tailored to your needs.

Whether you are working on image recognition, object detection, or any other computer vision challenge, Unitlab Annotate provides the essential tools and resources you need for comprehensive and effective data annotation.

Unitlab Annotate: Supporting Annotation Types for Computer Vision Projects


Unitlab's CLI/CDK is used for managing data annotation projects from the command line. With the CLI, you can create and manage annotation projects, upload data, release datasets, and download annotated labels.

CLI is a better choice for users who want more control over their data annotation projects. It's faster and more flexible than the web platform.

Unitlab Annotate: CLI/SDK Tool

Version Control

Carefully track every annotator's action to create a clear and traceable project history. Ensure version control in your data annotation, including each data item, project, and dataset.

This strategy enables efficient tracking and management of changes, keeping your data annotation process organized and consistent.

Unitlab Annotate: Dataset and Annotation Version Control

Member Analytics

Gain comprehensive insights into your team's productivity by meticulously monitoring their lifetime and overall performance on a daily basis.

Our tool enables precise tracking across various assigned projects, ensuring you stay informed about each team member's contributions and progress.

Unitlab Annotate: Member Analytics for Data Annotation Performance

Workspace Management

Create unlimited workspaces based on your project needs. Each workspace has its own members, and you are the owner of it. Handle different types of projects and various teams on a single data annotation platform with workspace.

The workspace offers streamlined management of diverse projects and teams on a unified platform, each with dedicated resources and space.

Unitlab Annotate: The Workspace Management

Dataset Management

Create and manage unlimited datasets with ease from your active annotation projects on the Unitlab Dataset Page.

Every new release from your projects creates a new dataset version, enabling you to track all changes and maintain a clean, organized data annotation process.

Unitlab Annotate: The Dataset Management

Better datasets lead to better AI applications

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